Mission, vision, values


As a company, we establish our corporate philosophy in the mission, vision and values, which describe our personality, our sensibilities and our concerns; in short, they guide us and are vitally important to understand who we are and how we work in Compañía de las Islas Occidentales.

Mission: We are a Canarian business group with a long family tradition and a clear international vocation, which operates in diverse sectors and has the best professionals who offer high quality innovative services and products with the objective of improving our clients’ expectations.

Vision: To consolidate our position in the sectors we lead and invest in international expansion whilst maintaining our seal of excellence and innovation in the products and the services we offer. 
Our Company has excelled in past decades for its vision, so we have set ourselves the goal of remaining pioneers in incorporating technological advances and in respecting the environment that surrounds us, and which we will continue to treat with the care it deserves. 
Furthermore, we want our family values to infuse our employees and have them feel proud to be a part of the Group..


  • Family Values: The family tradition is a hallmark that has been present during our entire business career and in the projects which have been developed since its founding in 1850 by the Zamorano Tais family. Therefore, this is an inherent quality of our brand.
  • Value of the human factor: The value given to the people that make up CIO and which make possible its existence acquires great relevance in the work philosophy. The professionals who make up this Company are those who, with their talent, dedication and effort, have made possible each of the challenges we have set. They are the people, individually and collectively, which enable sustainable and balanced growth with the environment.
  • Strong customer focus:Customers are the source and engine of our entire activity. The commitment to them is one of the pillars on which the CIO business career rests. Meeting customer expectations, - even aspiring to surpass them if possible- is the main objective of the professionals of Compañía de las Islas Occidentales and we focus all our working ability, dedication and experience in reaching this objective.
  • Quality and rigor in our service: Only by committing to high standards of quality and rigour is it possible to surpass our client’s expectations. This is why we focus our strengths in developing tools that guarantee the compliance of the highest standards of quality.
  • Commitment: We work with the philosophy that a product or service that we offer is a promise to our clients, a promise we are committed to delivering. This premise is part of our identity.
  • Innovation: Our vocation of leadership has led to an unequivocal commitment to innovation in all of the management processes, products and services. We believe that innovation is the way to move forward and grow our organization, thanks to the talent provided by a qualified team.
  • Dynamism and versatility: Wanting to be an innovating company involves a daily questioning of whether what is being done could be achieved in another way, with the goal of finding new solutions to the challenges faced by our company. This requires dynamic and versatile management skills that adapt to the needs of the moment.. 


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