Who is the report for?


We hope to find, as readers of this 2016 report, all of those who make possible the growth of CIO as an organization and who contribute so that this company can reach its objectives and achieve its commitments. 
Those who know us know that we work on a daily basis to identify the needs and understand the expectations of our surroundings. These expectations are elemental in defining our strategic lines. 

Employees: they are the first prescribers of the values of our organization. Their opinion shapes the image that the company conveys to our immediate surroundings. We encourage internal communications and human resources as the pillars for a fluid and efficient dialog


Customers: together with our employees, they represent our two main stakeholders. Thus, as explained, meeting client expectations – and even aspiring to surpass them – is the main objective of the professionals that make up Compañía de las Islas Occidentales and we put all our work capacity, dedication to service and experience in trying to reach these goals.


Local Community (society): no corporate responsibility action is possible if the needs of the people are not taken into account as a priority. Therefore, we have spent years promoting social development initiatives. It is a hallmark of our identity. In this aspect, we should not ignore what legacy we want and should leave for future generations. We already consider these generations-to-come as a stakeholder and they are an inspiration in our concern to preserve the natural environment and to follow a sustainable business model.


The Environment: even though by definition the environment should not be included within our stakeholders, it is important to consider it in relation to sustainability. Only this way will we be more aware of the importance of the treatment that we give it and respect that we show it.


Senior Management: by including senior management as stakeholders, we seek to ensure the impulse of the organizational change as it relates to Sustainability. This is achieved by establishing a policy of ethical and responsible management from a social point of view, with a code of conduct and a social responsibility committee to ensure compliance of the commitments made.


Suppliers: the direct and constant contact with our suppliers also turns them into prescribers of the values that we project from a sustainability perspective. Therefore, they must have a clear idea of who we are and also what we are not. It is also essential that we understand our suppliers’ expectations and their commitment to adapt to the requirements imposed by the values of this company.


Strategic Partners: the relationship with our partners is based on permanent dialogue and trust. In this two-way flow, the projection of corporate values is key in order to develop an appropriate balance of strengths. Mutual understanding is also essential to develop projects of common interest and benefits.


Public Administration: the recognition of leadership and self sufficiency that we achieve as an organization is also cause and effect of the strengthening of the relationship with the public administrations and institutions. Alongside them we will achieve higher levels of efficiency in the mission of adequately addressing social needs.


Media: they are our principal intermediaries with society. It’s important to take advantage of opportunities they offer us. Each communicative action must be prepared individually and be fully confident that the image projected adequately reflects what we are. Moreover, it is essential that we adapt to the current information channels and take advantage of our own communication tools in order to more effectively make people aware of our Corporate Responsibility.


Competition: competition is part of the interrelatedness of all companies with their environment. Setting it as a stakeholder in the strategic planning of our Corporate Responsibility aims to promote cooperation and partnership among competing organizations. It is part of our ideology to promote fair competition and conflict resolution through arbitration.


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