Contributing towards the community 2012


•  The CIO Group started this year their first corporate volunteer initiative, developed hand in hand with the Cabildo de Tenerife. 280 hours of volunteer work. 28 employees – every staff member of the CIO offices in Santa Cruz, volunteered for a total of 10 hours each. The projects chosen were the following: 2 adult day care centres (Hassidim and Virgen de la Nieves), and a day centre for teenage mothers (The Chaxiraxi Project), all three of these are a part of Caritas.

Throughout the year, at each of the charity dinners held by the different organizations we collaborate with, CIO Group offered a gift voucher of a weekened getaway at the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort for the winners of the draw.


 Our solidarity attitude covers different actions that have evolved in a daily basis work. For the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the local and international disadvantaged community, has been a constant duty since we started business.
These are part of the actions that we develop every year:
We implicate ourselves in the employment of disabled people or those at risk of social exclusion.
We donate a large amount of household items, no longer in use by the hotel.

•  Our hotel drugstores sell Fair Trade goods, organic bathroom articles and also, products produced by groups with disabilities, like the Down Sindrome.

We collaborate in charity benefit events. 
Our employees collaborate with the collecting of used toys, clothing, household goods or food, for the donation of the sectors in need.
We participate in different Blood Donation calls with our employees.
One of our main goals is having achieved the 15th year sponsoring 40 children throughout the work we do with Action Aid and the clients of our hotel. Customers of the Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort have donated 1€ on their invoice which goes towards the highly respected NGO ActionAid. From this donation 40 children living in disadvantaged communities in Ecuador, Bolivia, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Ethiopia and India have been sponsored. These children are part of the family of the Hotel and there are 40 employees who keep in contact with them.
During 2012 the hotel was able to participate in the following actions that contributed to develop and help the aid that was been giving to the most disadvantage sectors:
The Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque donated computer equipment and furniture to APANATE: the computer material was used in their day centre and the furniture was used to help decorate the home that the association uses for the Family Relief Program; a scheme, which has the children stay in the home for a few days twice a year, allowing the parents to rest.
The Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque donated furniture for AKI (Kanaria Association for Children), which helped decorate supervised homes for children who are on the brink of social exclusion. The food & beverage department of the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque also got involved and donated their tips from the month of March to a food bank program, who delivered the products to the children from the AKI Association.
Bedsheets and towels were rapidly donated to the island of La Gomera, when the misfortunate forty houses were burned in the fires occurred during the summer.
The Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque donated household items for the shelters that Caritas has throughout the island, which offer a place to stay for those at risk of social exclusion.


RECORD Laundry Services has employed, three years running, a person from Trisómicos 21, an association of parents, united with a common purpose: social, educational and occupational integration for their children. To achieve this goal, the association promotes all activities which focus on improving the living conditions for people with Down syndrome. Trisónomicos 21 has at its headquarters a bookbinding workshop where boys and girls produce a series of original cover designs. These have been sellers for two years in the drugstore of the Hotel, which also donated fabrics for decorating their centre.


Promoting sports and healthy lifestyle habits in all sectors of our society have also been an important premise to spread among the companies of CIO Group. For many years now, the company has created cooperation ties with different sporting activities in order to create better communication channels on how to improve the quality of life of those in our surroundings and raise awareness of the importance of diet and healthy lifestyle. A good example is the agreement signed between one of our companies, Fuentealta and AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) establishing synergies that allow us to collaborate in the fight against that disease, by informing and in order to prevent.
Fuentealta sponsors many sporting events where we try to foster a fun and educational activity among all our customers. An example of this activity, was our sponsopship (Fuentealta was the official water) of the World Police and Fire Games which were held in Tenerife in the summer of 2012, and which saw over 6,000 participants in its 70 different activities sports.
Cultural activities is one of the new areas of support the company is banking on, we believe it is an active and effective way to support education. Therefore, we have joined a number of activities related to the world of design, art and fashion in order to help young people create platforms from which to disseminate their work. We work with several arts organizations and we are the main sponsor of the Tenerife Design Festival, one of the most innovative cultural events held in the Canary Islands, which has a significant impact regionally, nationally and internationally.
We have also invited several Canarian artists to participate in developing communication support systems for our companies, in order to assist them in their professional careers, in the media coverage of their work and their notoriety in the public eye. The most representative example is the calendar "Fuentealta Transmit", which annually invites artists to develop specific pieces for each month.

• The total litres of water with which the company collaborated in these institutions throughout 2012 was 33.119.

Also, Fuentealta permanently collaborated in 2012 with the following organizations, groups and charity events:

SOS Children's Villages in Tenerife and day centres in La Laguna.
APANATE. Association that helps people with autism.
AHETE. Association which helps people with haemophilia.
TRISÓMICOS 21, para personas con Síndrome de Down.
Trisomicos 21. Helping those with Down Syndrome.
CENTER PARKITFE. Helping Parkinson's patients.
AECC. Monthly collaborations throughout The Canary Islands.


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