The environment and climate change 2012


Another of our main fields of action in CR is every aspect concerning the environment care and the climate change. Group CIO has its roots in a fragmented insular territory that gives it a unique specificity in the whole world, where its biodiversity enrichment is one of its hallmarks. We know that our business activity is hopelessly linked to our territory and its resources, and from that point of view, we try to work to achieve the most respectful heights and protect our environment, launching efficient and sustainable management politics.


"The Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort has always been very conscientious of the protection and maintenance of the environment, both in its facilities, and the behaviour of all its employees, as well as services towards their customers, while simultaneously, it has also been responsible for promoting activities and synergies with NGOs, provided through its Social Work Program which has managed to engage their customers."

Santiago Cabré
General Manager Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort.

 Some of our recognitions received:

Renewal of the Biosphere Seal for the second year running - Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque.

BIOSPHERE: BIOSPHERE: promoted by the Institute of Responsible Tourism (ITR) it publicly recognizes tourism establishments that are committed to sustainable management objectives in the tourism sector. BIOSPHERE is a private voluntary certification scheme based on the principles of sustainable development through specific criteria on environmental performance, cultural and socioeconomic aspects, which is granted to establishments worldwide.
The team of professionals at the Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort earned the biosphere seal after an annual audit, certifying that the hotel has a set of commitments to achieve sustainable tourism and evaluates the progress of their achievement, renewing it in 2012.
The global criteria for obtaining this certification are:

  • Demonstrate sustainable management.
  • Maximize the economic and social benefits of local communities and minimize negative impacts.
  • Maximize the benefits of cultural heritage and minimize negative impacts.
  • Maximize benefits to the environment and minimize negative impacts.


•  TRAVELIFE SUSTAINABILITY SYSTEM: in the same line of initiation in environmental management, the Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque has joined Travelife Sustainability System in the Travelife Gold category. Is a training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies, committed to reach sustainability, and to which hundreds of companies have now joined. Designed by ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents), after passing the corresponding audits in 2012, the hotel obtained the seal which commits the company to work on a system of sustainable management based on 6 steps: commitment, baseline assessment, policy company, action plan implementation, monitoring and reporting, and communication.
Founded in 2007, the Travelife Sustainability System is an initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the travel and tourism sector, based on the central role of tour operators and travel agents in the tourism supply chain.

Their unique position between suppliers and buyers, enables them to influence consumer demand, procurement policies, and the development of destinations. This allows them to contribute significantly to sustainable development and environmental and cultural protection in destinations. Travelife also aims to offer companies the knowledge, solutions and tools to implement positive change within their businesses and their supply chain.
The system provides on-line control to allow companies to check the status of sustainability, receive advice and monitor their progress. Once signed, the property is subject to an external audit by which you are awarded a bronze, silver or gold stamp. To date, about 17,000 properties from all over the world have registered under Travelife Sustainability, 1500 have conducted an independent audit and 500 have received a Travelife Stamp, one of those being the Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort.

BLUE FLAG: is an annual reward and a quality environmental certificate system developed by the FEE (Foundation of Environmental Education) in 1987.
The standards to obtain it are grouped in four areas: quality of the bathing water, environmental information and education, security and environmental management, services and facilities. La Playa del Duque, area of enjoyment of our clients, gets it with increasing some aspects of the security required for this European reward, like the incorporation of more rescuers.

FUNDACIÓN CANARIAS RECICLA: is a non-profit organisation with the mission of protecting the environment and fostering sustainable development and recycling of waste by promoting awareness and education in Canary Islands society.
Economic growth and the consumer society have enhanced our standard of living but the downside is exponential growth of waste.
This is a global problem affecting all developed economies, although in a territory like ours with its reduced dimensions and great environmental wealth it is of special significance.
Fundación Canarias Recicla was founded in 2009 with the aim of increasing the low recycling rate in the islands and is the first Canary Islands body certified as an integrated management system. It is a benchmark for promotion of proper waste management in the region.
From its beginnings the foundation has become an active factor in Canary Islands society by generating synergies between public authorities, citizens and companies through participation in numerous educational projects and awareness campaigns, events, courses and selective collection of thousands of waste products.
Agreements and contracts with the Hotel Bahía del Duque: Fundación Canarias Recicla manages the hotel's WEEE since August 2010. The company recycles using authorised waste managers thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with Fundación Canarias Recicla.
Moreover, Bahía del Duque acts as a producer of electrical and electronic devices by importing material from other countries. On entering Spain these devices pay duty for proper recycling through an integrated management system. In July 2012 Bahía del Duque entered into an agreement with Canarias Recicla to manage this function.
Waste traceability: Once the WEEEs are removed from the hotel they are transported by authorised waste managers to E-Waste Canarias' treatment plant.
By entrusting its WEEEs to Fundación Canarias Recicla the Hotel Bahía del Duque ensures that its waste is managed in the Canary Islands, generating employment and wealth for the region. We also ensure that the waste is managed according to the principle of proximity, the criteria underlying the European waste management directives. This criterion entails waste treatment as close as possible to the point of origin to avoid the environmental impact of transportation.
The waste is conveyed to the E-Waste Canarias treatment plant in Arico where it undergoes a decontamination process to extract substances harmful both to the environment and to human health.
After suitable treatment under the strictest environmental and safety conditions the components are classified to obtain raw materials that can be used to make new products. These materials include aluminium, copper, iron, plastics, glass, etc.
WEEEs are extremely varied and classification is necessary to ensure that each one receives the treatment it requires. There are various treatment lines:
Canarias Social Inclusion of groups at risk of social exclusion: Canarias Social Recicla is committed to social responsibility and 35% of its operations involving transport are entrusted to social economy companies, i.e. social inclusion companies of which 70% of the workforce is made up of groups at risk of social exclusion. Moreover our residues are treated by E-Waste Canarias, a company with 40% of its workforce drawn from groups at risk of social exclusion or persons with disabilities. 

ORGANIC CLEANING PRODUCTS IN THE GRAN HOTEL BAHÍA DEL DUQUE RESORT: in 2011 ECOLAB (cleaning chemicals) is incorporated as our cleaning products supplier for the following reasons:

  • Savings: it offers important economic savings as well as using less chemical products, as it doesn’t use the more conventional “finished” products.
  •  Environment: decrease the number of containers required to carry the products, from using disposable plastic bottles to long-term reusable and recyclable containers. With this commitment, the hotel has gone from throwing out 4.000 million 1L plastic containers (many with chemical leftovers) to use an average of four hundred 750ml containers, which are not being discarded, they are reused (concentrate dispensing system).
  • Work Values: finished products are bottled containers where the user opens the bottle and pours at their discretion, in many cases because of bad habits more than necessary is poured, which causes further environmental damage, more chemicals down the drains, etc. Now, thanks to the use of dispensers, we use smaller amounts of the chemicals and these are diluted in water, making them less harmful to humans and the environment.
  • Ergonomics and PRL: the labels are printed directly onto the containers to avoid issues reading the labelled products. The containers are ergonomic and their application system (especially in the more aggressive chemicals) offer a foam spraying option which prevents the chemicals from dispersing into the air or splashing the operator or the surroundings, avoiding accidents.


  • Ergonomics and PRL: TTS is the world's pioneering ergonomic cleaning systems. Originally designed to prevent contamination between rooms and areas, they are now a reality in hospitality. This system prevents the cleaning staff of having to bend over as often and having to twist their wrists as much, avoiding back, wrist and shoulder problems.
  • Higiene: the system can carry one microfiber per room, 10 to 12 per user and day, which prevents contaminating a room with dirt from the previous room.
  • Environment: the use of this system allows considerable savings in our use of water, due to the ability of impregnating the product in the mop used.
  • Costs savings: even though implementing this system is more expensive than the usual systems, in the long run, it is more cost effective. The savings are based on a longer life of the products used and from the considerable decrease of the water used.

EARTH HOUR: every year, the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque joins Earth Hour, an initiative promoted by WWF to help fight climate change. In 2012, more than 7,000 cities from 150 countries turned off the lights of their major monuments and emblematic buildings, sending a clear message: ‘symbolic gestures can lead to great changes if we accomplish a global commitment throughout the year’.
For over seven years, hundreds of millions of people from all over the world, businesses, governments and schools have united their voices in defence of the environment. Therefore, "Earth Hour" has become the largest ever mobilization and participation campaign.
Over the past 50 years, WWF has grown into the largest and most influential independent conservation organisation in the world. We have close to five million supporters and our global network encompasses more than 100 countries.
WWF wants individuals, companies, governments, and educational centres to be more efficient and self-sufficient in energy use and to promote clean energy, thus reducing the level of C02 emissions on the planet.


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