The environment and climate change 2013


Course Awareness & Environmental Management in Tourist Establishments Ahmed at mid-level Management and executives. The course’s objectives were:
- To acquire the knowledge and skills needed to improve environmental practices in the workplace.
- Increase the level of awareness of the environment.
- Know the environmental aspects and impacts as well as environmental legislation applicable to the workplace.
The hotel was awarded the BIOSPHERE SEAL.
Obtained in July 2011 and renewed in June and July 2013.


Obtained in September 2011 and renewed in August 2012.

Obtained in September 2012 and August 2013
Agreement with the Foundation ATARETACO for the collection of waste.
Agreement with the FOUNDATION CANARIAS RECYCLES for the management of the WEEE and the correct recycling of electric and electronic equipment through an integrated Management system.
Use of green cleaning products ECOLAB (cleaning chemicals).

What has allowed mayor expense and chemical cost savings.
Considerable decrease in the number of containers by reusing durable and recyclable containers, and consequent reduction of chemical waste by using feeders.
The containers are printed in order to not use labels which can get lost in the process. They are ergonomic and their application systems (in the case of the most aggressive) have spray foam, which prevents the product getting into the air or splashing the operator or the environment, and thus avoiding accidents.
Incorporating ergonomic impregnation scrubbing system (TTS):

Originally designed to prevent contamination between rooms and areas, this ergonomic system prevents back, wrist and shoulder problems; furthermore this system avoids contact with liquids and with dirt on the cloths.
It allows for considerable less use of water in everyday cleaning procedures, due to the levels of absorption in the mop.
ACost savings also occur thanks to a longer lasting product and less water usage.

 Joining the climate change event Earth Hour, WWF.
Joined the initiative Night in Black by the Pardela Cenicienta, by minimizing the impact of artificial light, by turning off the lights for three hours.


Decrease in the packaging weight of the plastic bottles and caps, which has allowed a reduction of the consumption of such materials by about 85.000kgs, and thus avoiding the manufacturing of 3.600.000 containers of PET.
Agreement with the supplier of preforms for the delivery of 100% of the packaging (cardboard boxes and pallets), our own as well as those from third parties suppliers for re-use.
Selective collection of cardboard and glass from the factory, as well as dangerous products, such as oils and lubricants, empty containers with chemical products, batteries, fluorescent lamps, etc.
Replacing the burner from the boiler by a much more efficient one, allowing us to save on fuel consumption and significantly lowering atmospheric emissions.
Change to energy efficient lighting in the factory.
Agreement with the supplier of the collection of carton and plastic from the warehouses in the north and the south.
Substitution in the South Warehouse to energy efficient lighting.
Treatment of the water used in washing the boxes and glass containers, for its re-use in agricultural fields. This provides the recycling of over 10.000m3 of water per year.


Organic products Texture Care from ECOLAB (Cleaning Chemicals).
Which has allowed a greater chemical and dosage adjustment efficiency, washing at a lower temperature and in less time, and even improving the quality and hygiene of the clothes and getting double energy efficiency, first in saving water heating and second in the decrease in energy expenditure.


Substituting the lamps for energy efficient ones, as well as the installation of fire retardant cables.
Improved energy efficiency:
- Improved roof insulation.
- Replacement of the other internal joinery with better insulation.


Selective waste recycling. Containers, cardboard and glass.
Substitution to energy efficient lighting.




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