4.5.1. Contribution towards the community 2016




We are signatories of the United Nations Global Compact, subscribing to its ten principles that favour business sustainability.
Sponsoring of a child by the employees of Grupo CIO, together with Action Aid. 
Creating awareness of the project “Vacaciones en Paz” promoted by ACAPS (Asociación Canaria de Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui), for the fostering of Sahrawi children during the summer holidays.
Collection by the employees of gluten free food products for people with celiac disease, destined for families in Laayoune, with ACAPS.
Internships for people at risk of social exclusion in collaboration with ATARETACO. 
Labour integration of young people at risk of social exclusion. NAHIA Association.
Periodic meetings with associations that help relocate workers at risk of social exclusion, contributing with our collaboration.
Collaborating with the project “Empleando la igualdad” from the “Sociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife”, creating the professional profile and conducting interviews.
Creating awareness for the “Familias Solidarias” and “Tutores de Apoyo” from IASS, in the search for foster families for youths at risk of social exclusion. 
Cash donation, maintaining our support towards the Association Pichón Trail Project that ensures the quality of life of patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
Contribution through the sale of material, t-shirts and race numbers at the “1st Charity Run 8M, International Woman’s Day” for the Association Pichón Trail.
Collaboration with the Proactive Open Arms maritime rescue campaign for refugees on the Greek coasts. 15.000 people were rescued in the 4 months of the campaign. 
Collaboration with Disney in the project “Hospitales de Colores” for the renovation and decoration of the paediatric unit of the Canarian University Hospital (HUC).
Design, installation and donation of a decorative mural for the Hermano Pedro Adult Centre. 
Sponsoring of the NGO Ecoocéanos for the realization and dissemination of beach and seabed clean ups in Tenerife. 
Collaboration with the NGO Ecoocéanos , the Down Tenerife Association and the Sonsoles Soriano Foundation carrying out joint training sessions and beach clean ups. 
Collaboration with the Hermano Pedro Adult Centre by donating t-shirts with logos for group outings.
Sale of the Christmas Lottery among our employees, raising funds to collaborate with the  Cáritas project “Help at the Base” in Adeje.


Launch of a scholarship program “Bahía del Duque Higher Education in Tourism” for the children of employees and subsequent internship in the Hotel.
Recovery of metal residues for its sale, the proceeds going towards Sustainability projects. 
Collaboration for the 19th consecutive year in the Action Aid project, “What can you do with a euro?” Sponsoring 40 children in 8 different countries.
3-day training course for members of Trisómicos 21 with the aim of preparing them for housekeeping jobs. The course took place in the Hotel by the housekeeping team, with a total of 12 hours of corporate volunteering.
Supporting the community by the increasing the purchase of local food products. 
Collaboration with the Cáritas project “Buscándome Las Habichuelas”, by assisting in the training and labour integration of people at risk of social exclusion, by purchasing local organic food products for the restaurants in the Hotel.
The sale in our drugstores of artisanal and locally designed products.
Sale in our drugstores of fair trade products.
Increase of the number of articles made by the associations Down Tenerife, FUNCASOR and Pichón Trail Project, on sale at our Drugstores, where 100% of the funds raised go back to the NGO’s.
Donation of gift vouchers for Hotel stays on a bed & breakfast basis, to help raise funds for different NGO charity events.
Organization of the Charity Tennis and Paddle Tournament “Raquetas Solidarias”- raising funds for the Step by Step Foundation.
Organization of the “4th Solidarity Market” held among employees of the Hotel that sells furniture replaced for refurbishments. The proceeds will go to the launch of a scholarship in Tourism Studies and a subsequent internship at the Hotel for the child of an employee.
Collaboration with the DISNEY company in the project Hospitales de Colores for the renovation and decoration of the paediatric unit of the Canarian University Hospital (HUC). 
Donation for the 4th consecutive year of all the upholstery fabrics for the sewing workshop in the labour integration project “Tejer Porvenir” organized by the Socidedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife in collaboration with the IMAS (Instituto Municipal de Atención Social).
Donations of bedroom and bathroom linens to FECAPAP (Federación Canaria de Asociaciones Protectoras de Animales y Plantas) and its shelter Valle Colino as well as for the Hermano Pedro Adult Centre.
Monthly donation of non-perishable foods to the Hermanos de la Cruz Blanca. 
Donation of clothes and shoes from the outlet of our Drugstores to the Cáritas project “El Ropero”. 
“Charity Box” collection for FUNCASOR, to assist with raising funds. 
Creating awareness of the project “Familias Solidarias” and “Tutores de Apoyo” of the IASS (Instituto Insular de Atención Social y Socio sanitaria de Tenerife) that searches for foster families for children at risk of social exclusion.
Charity collaboration with training and formative workshops, by the security department, about public and private safety for institutions and security forces, administrative assistants and security & emergency services of The Canary Islands Government. 
Collaboration between the Security Department of the Hotel and the local radio station, in regards to the culture of information, on different radio programs dedicated to security.
Participation in the 2nd charity run for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities organized by FUNCASOR. 
Sale of the Christmas Lottery among our employees, raising funds to collaborate with the  Cáritas project “La Ayuda de Base” in Adeje. The Hotel will match what the staff collects. 


Incremento del apoyo a clubes deportivos con respecto al año anterior, priorizando en el deporte base y femenino:


Renewal of our collaboration with different non-profit organizations (in litres of water):


Association of Haemophilia of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

1.024 L

Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC)

1.446 L

Association of Family Members and Patients of Parkinson’s of Tenerife

2.070 L

SOS Children’s Villages – Spain

8.325 L

Tenerife Association of TRISOMICOS 21

2.400 L

ADEMI Tenerife Sporting Association

2.640 L

Official School of Dentists of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

756 L

Sonsoles Soriano Foundation

1.920 L


1.920 L


1.920 L

Step by Step Foundation

560 L

RETO Association

800 L

Total litres:

26.181 L

Additionally, we have collaborated with a number of activities that are aligned with our commitment to contribute to the community by supporting charity events such as:

  • Collaboration with The Tenerife Council Games 2016.
  • Collaboration with the race “Ponle Freno” (Adeje).
  • Support and contribution to the AECC event “Tenerife en Marcha” in Santa Cruz.
  • Food Drive for the San Juan Parish in La Laguna.
  • Contribution in the charity match for “Friends of Vitolo 2016”.
  • 4th Charity Tournament “Raquetas Solidarias”.
  • Contribution with the charity run FUNCASOR.
  • Charity run Suroeste
  • Collaboration with the Local Shelter Valle Colino.
  • Collaboration in a variety of activities with ADEMI.
  • Contribution towards the “Race for Women”.
  • Charity Sporting event “Tegueste te enreda”.
  • Participation in the SOS Children’s Village “Open House Workshop”.
  • Run Parkinson.
  • Telemarathon with MIRAME TV.
  • Collaboration with the Association Corazón & Vida.
  • Contribution in the Charity Gala in favour of the AECC.>
  • Participation in the Parkinson Run / Camino Largo.
  • Collaboration with Ecoocéanos (beach clean ups).
  • Day of the Bicycle in Garachico.
  • “Canarias Surf Film Festival”. El Médano.
  • Fuentealta has been the official water of the Canarian Foundation Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma in 2016
  • Charity event Friends of the World Colegio Escuela Pías.
  • Festival Clownbaret. 
  • Sardine of the inclusion 
  • Dinner of Hunger. School La Salle
  • Food Drive San Fernando Rey
  • Charity market PROBOSCO 
  • All with Gara
  • Cáritas La Laguna, charity meal
  • Charity football match Sofia Association
  • Dinner Hermano Pedro Adult Centre

32 collaborations in 2016


We have continued with our support and contribution of multiple events directly related with Fuentealta’s philosophy, focused on the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits.


201 Collaborations in 2016

Litres in total: 237.928

Other collaborations:

  • Donation of Fuentealta backpacks to children in Senegal through the Association Mamá África.


Donation of Security and Safety service hours for the AECC.
Extnesion of the agreements with different associations of people with disabilities and labour integration projects for young people at risk of social exclusion; NAHIA, ATARETACO, SINPROMI, Trisómicos 21, FUNCASOR, Cruz Roja and AFES.
Work interviews for the “graduates” of this year and selection of candidates for a 100-hour internship. 4th edition of the project “Tejer Porvenir”, organized by the Sociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife in collaboration with IMAS (Municipal Institute of Social Attention).
Assist with the internship of 2 admin assistants within the training plan in AFES Mental Health. 
New hiring of dry cleaning operators with some grade of disability. Until we reach 20% of the workforce.


Continuation of the project “Charity Box” with FUNCASOR.
3rd Cooking Workshop with Trisómicos 21, raising funds for the NGO. Cooking workshop preparing and serving lunch menus by members of the Down Tenerife Association.
Celebration of two charity markets “Caravanas Solidarias” where the proceeds from the sales go to the NGO Pichón Trail Project, Kairos and Sofia Association.
Collaboration with the Cáritas project “Buscándome las Habichuelas”, to assist in the training and labour integration of people at risk of social exclusion, by purchasing local organic food products for the restaurant La Tasca.
Gift Voucher for One Dinner for the Valle Colino Shelter charity event.
Culinary training of a member of the labour integration programme of Cáritas.


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