4.6.1 Contribution towards the community 2017




Continue to be signatories of the UN Global Compact, subscribing to its ten principles in favour of corporate sustainability. 
Continue with the Sponsoring of a child by our employees within the Action Aid programme. 
Collaboration with the Association SOFIA in the assistance and prevention of Eating Disorders, with a cash donation.
Collaboration with AFES Mental Health to carry out beach clean ups with the NGO Ecoocéanos and Grupo CIO.
Collaboration with SINPROMI in the project “Creación Escénica y Diversidad Funcional” through performing arts workshops, people with mental disabilities will work their skills at a therapeutic level.


We will continue with the scholarship program “Bahía del Duque Higher Education in Tourism” for the children of the employees with a subsequent internship in the Hotel.
Continuing with the recovery of metal residues for its sale, the proceeds going towards Corporate Responsibility projects.
Continue for the 20th consecutive year in the project “What can you do with a Euro?” in benefit of Action Aid. Sponsoring 40 children in 8 different countries. 
Continue to support the community by increasing the purchase of local food products. 
Collaborate in the project “Buscándome las Habichuelas”, to assist in the training and labour integration of people at risk of social exclusion, by purchasing organic food products for the restaurants in the Hotel.
Increase the sale of articles made by Down Tenerife, FUNCASOR and Pichón Trail Proyect, in our Drugstores, where 100% of the proceeds from the sales go to the NGO’s. 
Sale in our Drugstores of Free Trade articles.
Organization of the “5th Solidarity Market” held among employees of the Hotel which sells furniture replaced by refurbishments, and whose proceeds will go to a social activity. 
Maintaining our Corporate Volunteering actions with different NGO’s. 
Continuing with the donation of bed and bathroom linens to different NGO’s. 
Monthly donation of non-perishable food products to Hermanos de la Cruz Blanca.
Donation of clothes and shoes from the Outlet of our Drugstores to the project “El Ropero” by Cáritas.
Participation in the FOCA proyect with a corporate volunteering activity by organizing a cooking workshop in the Parish of Añaza for training in the cooking trade.


To continue with our support towards a diverse group of both male and female sporting clubs. Strengthening the support of the bases (youths).
Renewal of our support of different non-profit organizations and collaborating with charity events that these, and others, carry out throughout the year. 
Renewal of the agreement with the Canarian Foundation Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma. 
Implementation of a system for evaluating the results of the actions carried out.


Donation of Security and Safety service hours for the AECC.
Donation of materials to the Sagrada Familia Foundation, Centro Hermano Pedro. 
Donation of auxiliary service hours for the AECC.
Food drive for the Food Bank.
Toy drive for the Toy Bank.
Maintaining agreements with the associations for people with disability and projects for labour integration for young people at risk of social exclusion. NAHIA, ATARETACO, SINPROMI, etc.


To continue with the collaboration with the Pichón Trail Proyect, becoming members and creating awareness of its activities and putting people with multiple sclerosis in touch with the NGO.
To carry on creating awareness for the proyects “Familias Solidarias” and “Tutores de Apoyo” from IASS (Instituto Insular de Atención Social y Socio Sanitaria de Tenerife) in the search for foster families for youths at risk of social exclusion. 


Increase the purchase of local products and maintain our collaboration with the project “Buscandome las Habichuelas” by Cáritas.
Organizing the IV Edition of the Cooking Workshop with Trisómicos 21 to raise funds for the NGO. Cooking Workshop preparing and serving lunch menus by members of Down Tenerife.
Renewal of the Project “Charity Box” in support of FUNCASOR. 
Corporate Volunteering by organizing a cooking workshop in the kitchens of the FOCA project in the Parish of Añaza. 


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